Sleep Glad A.I. Mask Fit Technology

Easy, Remote & Accurate Mask Fittings Powered By Sleep Glad's A.I. Mask Fitter.

Finding the right mask remains a hurdle to an excellent experience for patients using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) for sleep apnea. We noticed that most patients needed to make multiple visits to their medical equipment provider for mask exchanges. Unused masks are a huge cost to the mask manufacturer, medical equipment provider, and to the patient. In addition there is a massive environmental cost to poorly fitting masks going to landfills.

Sleep Glad Mask Fit Technology

Help ensure patients get the right mask at time of setup, remote or in-house. With SleepGlad AI Mask Fitting technology, we will make sure you get the right mask the first time. We provide a personalized mask solution for you with a suggested confidence level with our technology. You’ll have the confidence that our machine learning helps you and your patient be successful with the treatment of their sleep apnea.

  • Decrease costly mask refits with 3D technology producing >90% accuracy

  • Technology to help optimize out-of-date, more costly mask

  • Save 15+ minutes of clinician time for mask fitting

  • Seamless 2-minute process to send to patient and get results

  • Higher-priced fit packs are a thing of the past with our technology

  • Control formulary with our agnostic formulary opportunities (currently Philips, Fisher & Paykel, ResMed, and 3B Medical)

  • 100% guarantee on every scan or your money back

  • Total remote PAP setup process with SleepGlad and S3 Resupply Integration