• 100% Live managed outreach - live call, email, app, web portal, and text outreach all managed by our team of sleep coaches

  • Maximizes the value of every referral - >80% of orders contain all items the patient was due for at the time of order

  • 40-50% quarterly order rates - the combination of our order rate and patient retention often times doubles the volume of orders dme's receive

  • Tracks eligibility dates, manages contact information, and streamlines the ordering process

  • Makes resupply scalable - dme's can focus on new business and S3 will take care of your resupply growth without the need for additional staff at the dme

  • In-depth business insights and reports in real time from the executive dashboard.

We started seeing results immediately from an order standpoint. What I enjoy about working with S3 is their willingness to adjust to our needs. The biggest difference we see when comparing previous resupply company to S3 is a more robust platform, one where we are not responsible for supplying the names for outreach. S3 has made an impact on our business as we are able to utilize an outside resource to generate revenue and save cost on internal overhead. - Steve Gibson, At Home Health Equipment


"What gets measured gets managed." - William Thomson

S3 provides a full set of tools that does just that. Our Executive Dashboard provides excellent statistical and analytical information that is easy to read and understand. We also offer many real time reports with the ability to export your data to Microsoft Excel. Want to know how many order you received yesterday? How about last week? How about the 3rd Monday in June of last year? Yep, we've got you covered! Our real-time insights offer the ability to see just about any data point from any timeframe on service.


Our business is modeled to create a partnership between your company and S3 that grows your resupply business unlike anything else on the market. Each DME is assigned a personal Team Lead and a team of Sleep Coaches to manage your account and your patients.


S3 is a cloud based program. You can access our portal anywhere with an internet connection. Best of all, there are no additional fees per DME office user.


Once orders are accepted by the DME, they can be automatically shipped from our portal through our industry's fulfillment centers. Tracking information will then be sent back to your dashboard by our fulfillment partners.