Helping you connect with your patients

100% Live Managed PAP Resupply Program


S3 provides the tools necessary to track patients and their eligibility dates. Our patient-centric order processes help streamline the experience for the patient.

As a DME provider, S3 helps track, review, approve, and ship orders in real time. Our dashboard tools offer a real-time look into the key metrics of your resupply program. Things like patients managed, orders, outreach volume, and revenue are all right at your fingertips.


S3 Resupply combines live management with technology to reach a larger, more diverse demographic of patients.


Through our Six outreach methods, (LIVE CALL - IVR - EMAIL - APP - TEXT - WEB PORTAL) we generate high order volumes, strong order values, and retain patients long term. This helps DME's capitalize on the full value of every patient while offering the highest level of patient support.

S3 has exceeded our expectations, has Improved efficiencies giving us more of an opportunity to focus on quality, is very responsive, excellent/timely communication, and our assigned team is very easy to work with. They are like our extended team. - Susan Shepard, IU Health Home Care

Key Features of S3

With the help of our Sleep Coaches, patients are more engaged and active with therapy. This leads to longer adherence times and greater patient retention.

Our blend of live management and technology generates an average quarterly order rate of 45-50%.

On average, orders generated through S3 contain >9 items per order with >75% containing a mask, seals, tubing, and filters all on one order versus several orders within a quarter.

S3 utilizes outreach methods that match up with how our patients like to communicate. We now offer an interactive smart phone app as well as mobile friendly emails.

My expectations have been exceeded. S3's product has increased our revenue every year and has enhanced our ability to retain our patient base at the same time. We started seeing results immediately. Once S3 began the patient outreach, our revenue increased 50% the first year. - Chuck Williams, Williams Brothers Health Care

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