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Turbo-charge your resupply program

S3 combines live management with multiple methods of contact to reach a larger, more diverse demographic of patients.

Through our five outreach methods (live call – email – smart phone app – patient portal – text), we generate a high volume of orders, a high quality of order, and retain patients long term inside your resupply program.

This ensures that you fully capitalize on the value of every patient all while offering the highest level of patient support.

Increase patient retention

With the help of our Sleep Coaches, we are able to keep patients more engaged and active on their PAP therapy.

Generate more orders

We are proud of our reorder rates! Existing patients order on average 2 times per year.

Produce quality orders

On average, orders generated on our system contain 10 items. With more than 80% of all orders contain a mask and seals.

Integrate fulfillment

Once orders are accepted by the DME, they can be automatically shipped through our integrated fulfillment program and tracking information will then be sent back to your dashboard.

Mobile ready

S3 utilizes outreach methods that match up with how our patients like to communicate. We now offer an interactive smart phone app as well as mobile friendly emails.

100% cloud based

S3 is a cloud based program, you can use our dashboard anywhere with an internet connection. There is nothing to install on site and no upfront cost to get started with our system.

Our business is modeled to create a partnership between your company and S3 that grows your resupply business unlike anything else on the market.

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Track Patients & Generate Sales

S3 provides the tools necessary to track patients and notify them when they are eligible for supplies. When a patient becomes eligible for supplies, they are notified via email, text message, phone, or mobile app. From there, a patient can place their order online or by contacting their sleep coach.

As a DME provider, you can use S3 to track and approve orders in real time. Once you have approved an order, the order is shipped from our facility straight to your patient.

As a DME administrator, you are given a dashboard where you can track patients, monitor their contact records, and communicate directly with your patients' sleep coach. S3 also provides you with a wide range of reporting features and analytics so you know exactly where you stand at any given moment.

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