The best way to generate supply orders

We created S3 because we saw a problem with the DME industry's current methods of generating supply orders. Using other tools available, a DME company could only expect a 10% return rate. To us, this seems to be unacceptable.

Our goal was to design a service specifically catered to DME companies. We built a system to efficiently track patients and generate supply orders. To date, we have generated an average return rate of 47% for our clients and raised the bar for our competitors.

Staying in touch with patients

  • Email
  • Text/SMS
  • Live Call
  • Mobile App

Our goal is to stay in touch with your patients. We do this by first assigning a Sleep Coach to your patient. The Sleep Coach then monitors the patient and notifies them when they are eligible for supplies.

We have an excellent return rate for our first contact. However, if a patient doesn't respond, the Sleep Coach will follow up with them to offer any help they may need. We strive to provide a personalized, friendly experience with each patient.

Executive Dashboard

"What gets measured gets managed." - William Thomson

S3 provides a full set of tools that does just that. Our Executive Dashboard provides excellent statistical and analytical information that is easy to read and understand. We also offer many real time reports with the ability to export your data to Microsoft Excel.

Key benefits

  • Maximizes the value of every referral.
  • 40-50% conversion rate for patient refills.
  • One of the most cost efficient models on the market.
  • Diversifies your billing due to 80% of sleep apnea market not being Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Designed to keep resupply orders from falling through the cracks by tracking eligibility dates, managing patient contact information, and reporting back to the Sleep Coaches when patients can not be reached.
  • You receive free live support. We offer exemplary customer service and technical support to our members at no additional charge.
  • You will have MORE time to help MORE patients.
  • Patients signed up still belong to the company that signed them up. This increases the value of your company exponentially.
  • Search for your information easily. Companies have access to in-depth business insights and reports in real time from the executive dashboard.
  • Subscribing is very simple. We will have a representative contact you and walk you through step-by-step on how to use the program. S3 was created to simplify the process of receiving PAP resupply orders from your customers.
  • Talk to your personal S3 Respresentative every time. Every person is given 1 Sleep Coach to build a relationship with. The Sleep Coach will be able to answer all questions you have, handle concerns, and order more supplies.