Our Story

S3 was created to fill a void in the industry for a great resupply platform that would make reaching resupply patients much easier and more efficient. Our management team has years of DME experience and has built the program in a way that is compliant with the guidelines set forth by the industry for resupply orders. S3 is a partnership between the companies that sign up for the program and S3 that grows their resupply business exponentially compared to other methods.

We are driven by technology but understand the importance of a personal relationship with patients. That’s why every patient is assigned a Sleep Coach to handle their account and answer any questions they may have. We offer multiple ways to reach our customers (via email, phone, mobile app, text, or postcard). The contact method is chosen on a patient-by-patient basis to match what works best for each individual. S3 is a low cost, high return tool that maximizes the value of each customer that is set up in the Sleep Coach program.

Sleep Coaches

Within our organization, we refer to customer service representatives as Sleep Coaches. In an effort to be seen as more than sales reps, our team of Sleep Coaches go through extensive product training and continued education about the products we supply. Their goal is to provide great support and insight for every customer.

We staff a multitude of Sleep Coaches to ensure that every customer receives the support they need. Our goal is to offer a more personalized touch to customer care than what an IVR system can provide. In an effort to build great relationships with our customers, each account has a specific coach assigned to it. By using this model, patients and staff are able to talk with the same coach every time.

Our Policies

All information shared with Sleep Coaches and put into S3 is highly classified. Employees are up-to-date on HIPAA laws and understand the manner in which to handle patient medical records. We know that your patient's privacy is a main concern and we want to ensure you that their privacy is just as important to us.

We treat all clients with respect and compassion and do our best to maintain a high level of satisfaction. Our Sleep Coaches want to make sure that your patients feel as if they are treated fairly and justly.

We want all clients to have a great experience with S3. We send out customer satisfaction surveys regularly to ensure that you and your patients are happy with our service. Any complaints received will be sent to a supervisor and addressed promptly.

Our Commitment

S3's commitment is to meet the PAP supply needs of our clients and patients and exceed their expectations. We strive to grow nationwide while still keeping our one-on-one relationships with clients and patients a main priority. S3 promises to help our patients live happy and healthier lives. We always provide knowledgeable staff to make sure that patients are shown the respect and best customer service available.